How to keep things fresh in bed

How to keep things fresh in bed?

1. The Importance of foreplay

As a woman, you don't want him to have a direct relationship from the start. You want to take it easy, get into the mood, develop the mood. In fact, so are men. He likes it when you touch him and kiss him. If you do it passively and suddenly during the workday, he'll be more excited.

You can start by kissing and then touching his chest. Some men are extremely sensitive, you can try to stimulate, remember not to stop the mouth, besides the mouth, also kiss his neck, no one can resist the feeling of kissing the neck. ultra real sex doll

2. Flirt

Couples should not be overly serious in the process of getting along. No matter what occupation you are, home is husband, wife. Imagine what man would like to have a dull, unromantic wood. The same goes for women. Who doesn't love a man who knows how to be romantic at the same time?

​Thus appropriate flirting can increase the couple's interest, with a sense of humor, add sweet words, will let people taste endless.

3. Change the venue

Don't think you can only be a couple in bed. Do you have a balcony or terrace? Weigh a mat or sheet, open a curtain, or on an open balcony, but make sure the surroundings are as safe as possible, of course, more or less tpe doll

Especially on ambiguous nights, looking outside at a crowd of people, or the shadows of a neighbor's window can be seen, the two of them excited together, will there be a different flavor? But it has to be appropriate, preferably with a bit of curtain shading, otherwise it's easy to become a subject.

4. Act like a spoiled woman

Coquetry is a woman's ace in subduing a man. I'm sure every man can't stand it when a woman acts like a spoiled woman, but don't use too much, just like eating too much sugar. When a woman is in bed, she can flirt with a man properly, let him see your attractive side. It's more conducive to his feelings for you!

Six tips for adding freshness to your bed

1. Stare deeply

Match conversations between two people in bed, and eye contact is the most effective and direct way to flirt. Even if you don't talk, you can feel intentionally lost. Making eye contact can make people feel more intimate and naturally fresh.

2. Role play

It's inevitable that two people will need a small interest in a relationship, so you might as well create situations to increase interest. Of course, at this point, you need to use some props. For example, uniform temptation is a decent option. Friends in need might as easily seduce each other in this way.

3. Flirt

Female friends can take some minor actions to tease each other, such as playing shoes or earrings, these are extremely excellent flirting techniques, of course, can also zipped lips, let their provocative effect upgrade, but at this time do not wrinkle the nose, because it will make a person feel a bit elderly, no matter what to do to pay attention to the rhythm, let a person have that kind of excited feeling.

4. Give a compliment

Compliments are also a great way to flirt. Everyone likes to hear some sweet words, but don't please casually, or it will affect the effect of flirting. Therefore, it is recommended to treat others as sincerely as possible and to think carefully when pleasing and flattering.

5. Half cover and half expose

It's also a great way to attract men because it stimulates their hormones in the hope that they will instantly have each other. Women can opt for a low-cut halter dress, which makes men feel half covered and half exposed, giving men a different room stimulating effect.

6. Light touch

Some people may not pay attention to body language, but occasionally a small touch might make a difference, because body language itself can convey different emotional languages, you can try to gently rest your head on the person's shoulder or adjust the person's cuff, therefore the stimulation is also powerful.


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