The PV cable should have the capability

All the energy on Earth can be traced back to the sun, which is actually the source of almost all of nature's abilities. According to relevant experts' research and calculation, the earth receives energy from the sun every second, which is equivalent to the energy released by 2,091 Hiroshima atomic bombs.

It sounds scary, but don't worry, because for a lot of complicated reasons, to the sun, the earth's energy utilization ratio is very low, the global plant utilization of sunlight is only about 1% to 5%, and humans are the most efficient solar technology, to more than 50% in the laboratory, industrial use is generally highest at 40%. For a typical PV cell, 20 to 25 percent is good.

c816a04a890594b158f6ca37ffe5098cSolar contains so much energy, also makes the photovoltaic power generation gradually in recent years. The solar system's working environment is relatively poor, mostly outdoor environment, for a long time in the sun insolates, and long time exposure can make the temperature soar to 100 degrees Celsius. The ordinary PVC, rubber cable could not work in such a high temperature. Therefore, special pv cable come in handy.

The photovoltaic cable, according to its working characteristics and environmental characteristics, also has its special requirements for its performance. First of all, it needs to have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, so as to withstand the continuous sun exposure after the rising temperature; ​and because it is outdoor work, the photovoltaic cable should also have a certain resistance to corrosion, some resistance to chemical corrosion, so as to ensure that the equipment has enough environmental adaptability; ​in the process of installation and maintenance, photovoltaic cables will be subjected to pressure, bending, tension, tensile and other strong external force impact. Photovoltaic cables with sufficient mechanical strength are also very necessary, so as to ensure the service life of photovoltaic cables, will not appear the short circuit, fire and other dangers.


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