The latest highlights of Google SEO Optimization for 2022

Many foreign trade enterprises in doing website optimization want to let the keywords in Google ranking, combined with a large number of data results analysis. Let's see what factors affect Google SEO ranking?

First, publish valuable articles

Search engines test updated content to see if it responds well to the search intent of the keyword. If the searcher's behavior indicates that they are satisfying their intent through the page content, then its ranking will increase.

The website needs to have content suitable for visitors who are ready to buy, more information that buyers or potential users need to know, such as product service details, company qualifications, etc., to publish expertise, brand authority and product trust, and to establish a reliable image.

What we need to be careful about is using website content to address potential customers' pain points and questions, so that users will find your website valuable and recognize your product.

Second, the site's title tag and keywords

Title tags and keywords are a very important key to optimize the ranking of independent sites. Each keyword is equivalent to a traffic entry. Users will enter the landing page keywords they want to reach in the search box according to their search intentions 39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài. Here, keyword optimization plays a very important role. It includes keyword mining, application layout of keywords in the title, meta description, web content, etc.

0bfafeae1ec8415f92e8bd21b7971af8Three, inside chain and outside chain construction

Whether internal or external, you need to remember that the quality of links is far more important than the quantity! The internal chain needs to be reasonably distributed and effectively redirected, and the external chain represents the recognition of your website by other websites. Getting external links from sites that are high quality, authoritative and relevant to the content of your site is the direction to build external links.

It's important to note that buying external links in bulk may result in your site being penalized by Google or even permanently removed from Google's index. As mentioned above, continue to provide users with valuable content and relevant authoritative and high quality industry, news and blog sites will be willing to introduce links to your site.

Four, website security and HTTPS use

HTTPS is not a big factor in Google rankings, nor is it a sufficient condition for home page rankings, but it is now necessary. In fact, it's easy to understand that if a user clicks on your website with an unsafe website warning, this will undoubtedly deter many customers, which greatly increases the bounce rate of the website, but also reduces the traffic and customer conversion rate of the website.

5. Website traffic and conversion rate

Website as an enterprise private domain traffic pool, no flow of the website is a backwater, website traffic becomes high, potential customers and the probability of transformation will be higher and higher, of course, affected by the value of the website content, effective customer inquiry tracking also has an impact.

Only focus on traffic, visitors to the site do not get a good user experience, do not get the solution they want, no conversion is equal to zero, good promotion and improving brand exposure is a process, to achieve the marketing goal is our final goal, both are essential.

6. Friendly and responsive design

The APP terminal is very popular abroad. Therefore, for the design of foreign trade websites, we should make sure that our foreign trade website can adapt to different screen sizes, and can also display smooth and free on different devices.

Google officials have also made it clear that Google will use mobile-first indexing to climb the web and index all websites, and that sites that are not suitable for mobile will lose ground in Google search.

7. Browsing experience and loading speed

A good browsing experience and loading speed can quickly win over visitors. When it comes to their expectations for website speed, most people expect the page they want to view to load in 2.3 seconds.

Most people often use fragmented time when searching online, so it's important to quickly provide the information they're looking for. This is important not only for users, but also for search engines, because they want to deliver high-quality search results quickly.

8. Overseas social media

The influence of overseas social media on business is also increasing, and common social media platforms are also an important way of website traffic. For example, short video platforms integrate corporate brands and products into videos, and visitors can also more intuitively understand the company's product information when browsing, and then link the video to the official website through an external chain, which can not only improve the weight of the website, but also introduce more accurate traffic.

Commonly used overseas social networking platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, etc.

The factors that Google takes into account and the ranking algorithm are constantly being updated, but Google's ultimate goal is to let the search crowd find what they need quickly.


2023-03-25 13:21:12


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