Foreign trade independent station how to improve Google optimization ranking?

Google as the world has the most users browser, its huge traffic for many foreign trade companies for its crazy, because there are buyers from all over the world every day on the Google to find the corresponding suppliers, if your website by optimizing of foreign trade means rankings increased to Google the front of the plane, then the purchaser in the search key words, You will be able to see your website first, so as to get more business opportunities and inquiries into the transformation 39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài.

Presumably there are a lot of people who do not know how to optimize the ranking of foreign trade websites to Google home page, today and Maple Xiaobian together to understand the advantages of Google optimization and foreign trade independent station how to improve Google optimization ranking?

Benefits of Google Optimization:
(1) increase the enterprise exposure rate, for the enterprise to obtain more customer resources and more business opportunities and enquiries;

② to achieve the coverage of enterprise and product information, establish a good brand image;

③ can make the website rank high, but also can let the enterprise get more cooperation opportunities, and greatly shorten the transaction time;

④ It improves user experience, reduces website bounce rate, and improves conversion rate.

Ways to improve Google's ranking of independent foreign trade sites:
① Website code optimization
The title tag should contain attractive keywords that meet the needs of users, but cannot set too many keywords. It is recommended not to exceed three keywords, because too many keywords can easily disperse the weight, which is bad for the ranking. The character should not exceed 64 bytes, and try to be concise and concise.

3d75a5c436d0c39db430fc6d6e5ef44fDescription label should focus on highlighting the advantages of enterprise products, pay attention to not stacking keywords, will be judged as cheating by the search engine, the best character control within 200, can fully show, improve the click rate.

The keywords tag must contain the keywords in the title tag and then add them to five. The keywords are separated by commas.

The H tag should be properly used. Only one H1 tag can exist in a page, and other tags should be H2-H6, so that the content structure can be clearly presented. H1-h6 characters decrease in importance from the largest to the smallest, that is, the weight decreases in turn.

The Alt tag should be added to the corresponding image description, because the search engine is not very good at recognizing the image, generally relies on the Alt tag description to include the image.

② Update the content and keep the site active.​
In Google's search algorithm, website activity is an important ranking evaluation item. Updating quality content regularly and regularly over time will make your site more attractive to search engines. In addition to quality content but also regularly update the website outside the chain, the best weekly release of about 10 high quality outside the chain.

③ Optimize website links
​search engine spider is through the various links in the site to crawl and collect content, so the link structure of the site is clear. To timely submit the website dead chain to the search engine, to avoid spiders encountering dead chain crawling blocked; ​inside and outside the chain to maintain relevance, not to do links and crazy add some no quality at all links.

④ Pay attention to the website weight
Although the weight of the website has no direct relationship with the inclusion and ranking, it will also have an indirect impact. High weight site ranking is not necessarily good, but low ranking site weight must be bad. So regularly check whether the site's weight has increased or decreased, it can reflect the popularity of the site in the search engine. If the weight of the website is improved after optimization, continue to use the optimization method; ​if the weight of the website after optimization instead of the decline, the review, where the problem, and then abandon the wrong optimization means.


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