Sheet metal brief description and industry overview

1, with the development of automobile, communication, IT, and daily hardware manufacturing industry, sheet metal processing is becoming more and more popular, IT becomes more necessary to understand sheet metal processing.

2, by manual or mechanical methods, the metal sheet, profile and pipe into a certain shape, size and precision parts of the operation called Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication processing; ​it is widely used in the production of ventilation, air conditioning pipes and their components.

3, sheet metal parts are mostly made of sheet metal and pipe fittings, because it has the advantage of light quality, high strength and stiffness, the shape can be arbitrarily complex, less consumption of materials, no longer need to machining, the surface is bright and clean, etc, thus is widely used in daily life and industrial production, such as barrels, POTS, ventilation pipes, conveying pipes, automotive covering parts processing, etc., in addition, It can also be applied to repair work outside the car.

6642587f068753f42f6233e3f5d1f90b4, sheet metal processing, usually refers to shearing, bending, calendering, turning over molding and other methods. Generally speaking, where the die is used to complete all kinds of deformation process called sheet metal stamping process, and the process of sheet metal molding by hand or machinery is called sheet metal plus.

Sheet metal material:

1, electrolytic plate: SECC(N) (fingerprint resistant plate), SECC(P), DX1, DX2, SECD (stretch plate). Material hardness: HRB50°+-5°, tensile plate: HRB32°~37°

2, Cold rolled plate: SPCC, SPCD (stretch plate), 08F, 20, 25, Q235-A, CRS. Material hardness: HRB50°+-5°, tensile plate: HRB32°~37°.​

3, aluminum plate; ​aL, AL (1035), AL (6063), AL (5052), etc.

4, stainless steel plate: SUS, SUS301(302,303,304), 2Cr13, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, etc.

5, other commonly used materials are: pure copper plate (T1, T2), hot rolled plate, spring steel plate, aluminized zinc plate, aluminum profile, etc.


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