Don't panic if the tractor breaks down! Teach you common troubleshooting measures and the original trouble, broken can also repair themselves.​

Thanks to national policies, high-horsepower tractors have developed rapidly in recent years. Although the National Ministry of Agriculture issued the warning of "big horse and small car" at the beginning of 2019, and many provinces also significantly reduced the subsidy amount of high-horsepower tractors, high-horsepower tractors are still very popular in the market. According to market research, high horsepower tractor in the use and in the horsepower tractor compared with the failure rate has been higher, will appear in the use of a variety of faults and problems, the following we introduce several common faults in the use of large horsepower tractor and its reasons and the use of heavy equipment manuals processing.

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1. Abnormal sound and difficulty in gearing​

When the clutch pedal is stepped on to the end, if the engine power can not be completely cut off, it will cause difficulty in gear or gear when playing tooth sound. ​general clutch in the end is still not separated, mainly the clutch free travel caused by being too large, at this time need to adjust the clutch pedal free travel according to the manual requirements. Tractor separation bearing and clutch separation lever head clearance is generally 2-2.5mm, after a period of time, some separation bearing clearance will become larger, the corresponding clutch pedal free travel will also become larger, when the separation bearing clearance is more than 2.5mm, it is necessary to adjust the clutch pedal free travel to the specified travel manual, Ensure that the clutch is fully detached when the clutch pedal is pressed to the bottom.

Two, do not walk when the load is heavy, the clutch slips

Don't panic if the tractor breaks down! Teach you common troubleshooting measures and the original trouble, broken can also repair themselves.​

Cried out the tractor in use can appear sometimes clutch skid phenomenon, tractor started slow, homework, when load increases parking phenomenon, not at this time to listen to the voice of diesel engine, diesel engine sounds found normal not stuffy car, this kind of situation usually clutch skid caused, some serious clutch in tractor clutch skid will smoke, and anxious burnt flavour, Clutch plate burning phenomenon.

Clutch skid, burning phenomenon is more common in the great horsepower tractors, clutch skid to burn the reason is more complex, both design matching problem, than the typical phenomenon of "big horse car, tractor horsepower increased, the clutch or the original clutch, are prone to do big load operations sliding burn; ​there are manufacturing quality problems, such as the clutch disc spring pressure is insufficient, friction plate friction coefficient is insufficient, will cause the clutch transmission torque ability to decrease, encounter large load, there will be skid burning sheet; ​it is used in the user jobs and improper operation, such as clutch pedal, such as diesel engine crankshaft oil seal, a transmission shaft seal leakage after, such as clutch release bearing gap is too small, can cause a skid cannot work normally phenomenon in the use of the clutch, the general need to replace the clutch parts or assembly and adjust.

Three, power output shaft broke​

When tractor supporting rotary tiller and other machines and tools using power output shaft for operation, it is easy to appear the situation of moving output shaft fracture. Power output shaft is easy to break in use, which is related to improper operation, also related to the quality of power output shaft itself, and related to the diameter of power output shaft. The correct operation method of the power output shaft supporting the rototiller is as follows:

First, when the universal joint is installed, the two universal joint forks need to be kept parallel. Second, the rotary tiller operation, the effective mesh length of the universal joint is not less than 150mm. Third, when the universal joint is in the horizontal position, there should be no gap between the universal joint sleeve and the universal joint shaft, and the gap should be greater than 5mm. Four is the rotary tiller operation, the horizontal angle between the power output shaft and universal joint can not be too large, generally less than or equal to 10 degrees. Five is to lift the rotary tiller, if not cut off the power output, the horizontal angle between the power output shaft and the universal joint shall not be greater than 20 degrees. Six is to lift the rotary tiller and cut off the power when turning, do not allow the rotary tiller operation hard turning.

Four, agricultural tools to promote weak
Among the faults of hydraulic lifting system of tractor, the failure of lifting weakness is prominent. The common reasons for the failure of lifting weakness and not lifting are as follows:

1. Hydraulic oil filter blockage causes weak lifting and no lifting.

2, the tractor lifting hydraulic oil is insufficient, oil leakage caused by lifting weak, do not lift.

3. Agricultural machinery and tools are too heavy to improve and do not improve.

4, the tractor hydraulic oil model is not suitable, resulting in weak lifting, not lifting.

5. The hydraulic pipeline enters the air, that is, the air inhaled in the oil suction road causes the inability to lift and does not lift.

6, distributor or multi-way valve safety valve pressure is low caused by weak lifting, not lifting.

7, the hydraulic system oil temperature is too high to cause weak lifting.

8, gear pump leakage caused by serious promotion weakness, not to improve.

9. Distributor or multi-way valve spool and valve sleeve seal is poor, drop valve seal is poor, oil return valve is stuck and so on.

10. The internal leakage of the lifting cylinder makes the oil pressure in the cylinder low, resulting in the inability or inability to lift the farming tools.


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